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Who is Evan Gluey Garrett?

Hi. It’s me, Evan Gluey Garrett.
I am a performance artist and theater practitioner interested in duration and time. I’m also an accountant.

Life can be pretty bland. Life can slog by. And sometimes Life can hit you.
While I have a good CV; what I want to relate is that, in theater, I try to work as an accountant; too.

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When is this thing?

It’s every week starting May 12th 2019!

Each week’s performance can be found on this website by visiting the “This Week” tab.

You can also sign up for our weekly email.

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Where is this thing?

It’s in New York City (-ish)!

Sign up for our weekly email to find out where this week’s play will be.

Performances will be at a variety of bars, theaters, Evan’s apartments, parks, trains, bakeries, offices, museums, who knows (a lot can change in a year!).


Do people have to go to every week’s play?

No. Hell no.

The one constant is that every week I will put on a play. In fact, sometimes it might be impossible for you to see the play—like when I do it outside of New York City.

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Wait—it’ll be outside of New York sometimes?!

Uh—yeah, I plan on traveling sometime during the year.

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But what if I want to see a play and I miss it? Like that one outside of New York?
What if I want to see these plays but I live outside of New York anyway!?

Don’t worry!

The following day after I perform a play; I will post that week’s script to this website. That way you can read what I did. Hell, you could even perform it for your friends, or for your cats.

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How much are tickets?

Somewhere between $0-$10.

Ticket prices will vary depending on the week.

Some venues require ticket price requirements; some venues will be free (like, when I do a play in my living room).