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What Is Another Consecutive Year of Living?

Another Consecutive Year of Living is a two-part project that explores Evan Gluey Garrett’s 29th year.

The first part of the project consists of 48 plays— one written and performed every week— starting the week of Evan’s 29th birthday: May 12th, 2019. Each week’s play will explore themes, events, and characters of that week.

The second part of the project is a 24-hour long marathon play, performed on Evan’s 30th birthday. This performance will string all the year’s micro-plays together sequentially; giving a through-line of what had occurred in this formative year, and where Evan stands as he enter his 30s.

The cumulative effect is a year-long experience of how we account for a year. It is also a question— asking what the mechanics of creativity are that propel Evan forward, and can they ever run out of oil…

Why is this being made?

Each year on his birthday, he has also hosted an evening of performances entitled, “Birth Day: Part E”.
These collections of micro-performances have contained elements of dance, live music, community building, gameshows, eulogies, egg-dying, long walks in the rain.  

30 is a milestone year for many, and doing another "Birth Day:Part E" felt too small in 2019.
For Evan, this epic process is a question about if he can still make art he believes in, and potentially walking away from the promise he made to himself as a child in love with theater.  

Will this play light a path for Evan to continue on?
Or will it act as a love letter saying good-bye to a dream?
Will it exhaust the creative air from within him?

Each week will guide him along the way; maybe at 30 he will learn which way he wants to go.

While the year-long event details the life of one man, Evan’s work has always been about the beauty of an ephemeral community struggling together.  
If you've been to one of his plays, you know this.  
Would you be willing to a part of this community?

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